Buyers Guide

Having a bar at home is a luxurious and exciting idea for many homeowners. There’s nothing quite like the sense of pride that comes from crafting the perfect drink at your home bar.  Even if you don’t drink, you might want to have something on hand to offer guests to entertain them. Plus, a home bar can add an unexpected element of design to any space.  There is more to a bar than bottles, cups and mixers.  It’s not just a countertop with a few shelves for bottles and glasses either. Okay, don’t panic, we are here to help you so just take a deep breath.

Size and space

Let’s talk about the space and placement of your bar first. Before choosing your bar furniture make sure you measure the area you want to place your new home bar furniture. You’ll want to have room behind the bar for when you’re making drinks, and for the bar stools in case people feel like lounging around the bar. Make sure there’s space for your beer fridge or wine fridge if you’re a wine person! 

What kind of home bar is right for you?

We have plenty of bar furniture to choose from. Determining the size, placement, and knowing what functions you want your bar to do, will help us narrow down your options.  The bar you choose will impact the style, storage and placement of your home bar furniture, so choose wisely.